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Month: September 2015

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Tanger, Illegals and rebuffed by Rabat

Sunday 13th to Thursday 17th September From a distance Tanger (as Tangier is called here) looked like any other modern western city. We entered the old fishing port where, according to our pilot book, there was supposed to be a pontoon reserved for yachts. The pontoons were all crammed full

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Crossing the Straits

Sunday September 13th Apologies for the lack of recent blogging, from me anyway.  I could blame the lack of WiFi [or wiffy as it’s known here], but mainly it’s just not quite getting round to it. Too much sailing, sightseeing and the general stuff of life. The last time I posted we were

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The Rock

Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th September We eventually left Cadiz at 10am. It was another glorious, still and sunny morning. By noon we were motor sailing through a glassy sea when dolphins appeared off our starboard bow, a group slowly approaching like slow motion synchronised swimmers, gently lifting themselves out

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Night Boat (to Cadiz)

Sunday 6th to Monday 7th September We have been feeling more like tourists than intrepid nautical adventurers. Not that I’m complaining; I have enjoyed the mostly relaxing sailing in gentle winds and I am happy to get good weather and in particular reliable wind forecasts so that we can avoid

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The River

Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th September After a couple of days on Isla de Culatra we had another gentle, relaxing 30 mile sail along the southern Algarve coast to the Rio de Guadiana, the river that defines the Portuguese Spanish border in the south. It is tidal and deep enough that

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The Famous Navigator

  …. by whom I mean, of course, Henry the Navigator (1394 – 1460). As we entered Lisbon, sailing up the River Tagus, on the north bank there is the ‘Padrão dos Descobrimentos’, Monument to the Discoveries, showing Henry standing on the prow of a ship. In his hand is

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