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Month: December 2015

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Cabo Verde

Monday 14th to Wednesday 30th December We were sorry to say goodbye to Alex at Banjul airport on the Monday. He has been enthusiastic, great company and has really enjoyed his time in The Gambia. On the Tuesday, Charlotte and Charlie had been invited to the wedding of an Australian

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Merry Christmas from Cape Verde

We arrived yesterday in Palmeira on the island of Sal, Cape Verde after a three day sail from The Gambia. We had sadly said goodbye to Alex at the airport in The Gambia, but met up with Charlotte and Charlie who sailed with us from The Gambia and with whom we will spend

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The River Gambia II – Hippopotami and Crocodiles

Sunday 6th to Sunday 13th December At lunchtime on our third day up the river we reached the Yalitendi ferry crossing. This is a busy crossing with two ferries carrying cars, buses, lorries and numerous people across. It is where the main highway from Dakar crosses the river Gambia, linking

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Senegal to The Gambia

Wednesday 25th November to Tuesday 1st December I haven’t been able to update the blog before now as I haven’t had access to Wifi or mobile phone since leaving Dakar. Imagine the deprivation! When mobile phone coverage is widespread in West Africa this is more a reflection on my inability

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