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Month: March 2016

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Guadeloupe – Death in Paradise

Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th March We left volcanic Montserrat at 3am, a dark moonless night, managing to just avoid a small, unlit yacht as we raised the anchor. The sky was stunning, a mass of stars, and we could see both the Southern Cross and Polaris, the North Star,

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Montserrat – Under the Volcano

Friday 4th March to Tuesday 8th March It was a bit of a battle getting here. We set off from Nevis towards Montserrat on the Friday at 6am and when we got out from behind the lee of Nevis found ourselves motor sailing into strong force 5 to 6 winds

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St Kitts & Nevis – Plantation

Thursday 18th February to Friday 4th March I’ve rather got behind on my blogging but hopefully will be up to date soon. Too much paradise and liming (the Caribbean version of chilling, hanging out), although I don’t think that I’m really a liming kind of person. There have been concerned

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