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Month: October 2016

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Passage to Colombia

Sunday 25th September to Thursday 29th September The passage from the ABC islands to the Caribbean coast of Colombia is known for the worst weather conditions in the Caribbean and ranks among the top five worst sea passages in the world, which is why we had been watching the forecast

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C is for Curaçao

Monday 19th to Sunday 25th September We ended up staying longer than intended on Curaçao. Soon after arriving we heard from a French couple on the bus that there were big winds due to hit here in about a week. As we watched the long range weather forecasts it appeared

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B is for Bonaire

Sunday 4th to Sunday 18th September We left Grenada feeling rather sad to say goodbye, especially to lovely friends Jayne, Paul and Lily with whom we’ve shared some wonderful times, but we were also looking forward to moving on to new places. I was apprehensive about the long sail ahead,

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