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Tonga to New Zealand

February 25th 2018 We are now in New Zealand after a three month trip back to Bristol. It was wonderful to be home and to catch up with family and friends. We flew back to Auckland on February 14th, then spent a week living on Vega at the marina in

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The Kingdom of Tonga – Vava’u

Wednesday 13th September to Wednesday 11th October 2017 The 240 mile sail west from Niue to Tonga took just under two days, initially motoring in winds so light that they were insufficient to fill our cruising chute. The first night there was bright phosphorescence in the waves breaking by the

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Beveridge Reef & Niue

Friday 1st September to Wednesday 13th September   Beveridge Reef   We waited at Palmerston until the big winds and seas started to ease a bit and until we thought it would be more comfortable to sail towards our next planned stop, Beveridge Reef, 280 miles south west. When we

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Palmerston Atoll – Marsters & Whales

Friday 18th August to Friday 1st September 2017 We finally left fabulous French Polynesia after three months there, moving on west to the Cook Islands which are made up of 15 relatively small and widely spread-out islands scattered over thousands of miles of ocean. We were still undecided as we

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Waiting out the wind in Maupihaa

Wednesday 9th to Friday 18th August Although we had officially checked out of French Polynesia we wanted to visit Maupiti, 28 miles west of Bora Bora, another beautiful volcanic island with a high central mountain surrounded by a lagoon but with an outer reef through which there was only one

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Tahiti – Heiva and Tattoos

Friday 16th June to Thursday 20th July 2017 The strong winds forecast for our 240nm passage from the Tuamotus to Tahiti failed to materialise and although we optimistically raised the cruising chute and drifted along at two to three knots for most of the afternoon of the second day as

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